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Pattaya – Swedish woman wanted for fraud is hiding (Damn – it’d be like hiding an A-380!) in Thailand


Via: ScandAsia. com

A Swedish woman named Annétthe Zettergren, 58, who is suspected of fraud is hiding in Thailand. The Swedish paper Expressen published a video and photos of the woman lounging by the pool in Pattya. In Sweden she was a POLITICIAN but last year she was charged with having stolen almost four million SEK from the taxpayers.

The Swedish government wish to have her extradited in order to pursue charges but according to Michael Målqvist from the Justice Department this may not be a swift deal.

“In some cases it can take more than a year from the time of the request to the actual extradition. There are no existing agreements of extradition between Sweden and Thailand. However, this does not prohibit working with states where there are no agreements. It is simply a system of helping each other out,” he says.

The district prosecutor, Barbro Brännlund, made a request to the state attorneys office in order to have Annétthe Zettergren extradited to Sweden, as she is suspected of looting almost four million SEK from the county council.

The time of processing depends on the many steps to be passed. First, the Justice Department has to process the request, then it is send to the Swedish embassy in Thailand and then on to the Foreign Ministry of Thailand. Barbro Brännlund expects the initial processing by the Swedish Justice Department will take a week.

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