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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Police continue to tackle (tackle, really?) ladies of the night

Via: Pattaya Mail

At 3:30 am on the 6th of September Police once again tackled prostitution and homeless people of beach road from north to south Pattaya.

The Police Station have apparently received many complaints from tourists regarding the increase in beggars, homeless people and prostitutes, many on them causing a nuisance and damaging the image of this fair city (fair city? yeah right).

This is the third effort to clear them from beach road in the last two weeks, yet they were able to arrest 40 females and 30 transvestites offering sexual services to tourists.

As these ladies and ladyboys were being processed at the station a 55 year old Iranian man named Mr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came into the station to report that he had been pick pocketed by a transvestite in front of the Golden Beach Hotel.

The ladyboy got away with over 800 dollars and when the man had seen all the ladyboys at the station he thought maybe the culprit maybe among them, however he or she wasn’t.



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