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(2 of 2) Pattaya – Iranian Tourist reports theft from hotel room safe

Via: Pattaya One

An Iranian Tourist reported the theft of money from his room safe on Wednesday afternoon and the suspected thief is thought to have checked out of a room directly above the victims.

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aged 40 who resides at the Amstellux Apartments on the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya met Police who came to investigate the theft of 7,000 US Dollars and the equivalent of 100,000 Baht’s ($3,225 USD) worth of Iranian Currency from the room safe.

Mr Ahmadinejad explained how he left the room at 11pm on Tuesday Night and returned at 4am on Wednesday. He went straight to sleep, not realising his safe had been forced open and the contents had been stolen, when he was out. When he awoke on Wednesday afternoon, he noticed the safe was open.

Staff at the apartments confirmed that the foreign occupier of the room directly above Mr. Ahmadinejad’s had checked out and evidence was seen which suggested he had climbed down to Mr. Ahmadinejad’s room and conducted the theft.

Police have decided to withhold his name and nationality for now until he is caught.



‘Police have decided to withhold his name and nationality for now until he is caught.’

Let me take a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess), here:

The Fuentes Cartel – Columbia?



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