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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Woman claims sexual assault by Middle-Eastern Man she met on Beach


On Thursday Afternoon a 27 year old Thai Woman made a complaint at Pattaya Police station of sexual assault by a Middle-Eastern Man she thinks was Iranian. (SEE PHOTO)

The woman was taken to the Station after she was seen crying at the front of Soi 8 on Pattaya Beach. She claims she had come to Pattaya to meet her Swedish Boyfriend who was yet to arrive from his native country. The woman decided on Wednesday Night to walk down to Pattaya Beach where she encountered the middle-eastern man, she identified as being an Iranian. (SEE PHOTO)

She claims the man grabbed her wrist and forced her onto the back of a motorbike taxi. She was taken to the man’s room where she was offered a drink. It is claimed she then fell unconscious and woke up in a naked state on the bed.

Evidence of sexual intercourse was evident according to the victim who made her way back to Pattaya Beach where she was seen by passers-by who offered assistance. Despite the Police being unsure of her story, she was sent to Hospital for a medical examination and Police will investigate further and attempt to apprehend the Middle-Eastern man to determine if the assault took place. –




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