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Pattaya – A 50+ ‘French Dude’ Mad With Thai His Madame Attempts Suicide

Via: Pattaya

The police officers at Banglamung police station were informed of about a suicide attempt at house # 80/42 in Kiangtawan village, Soi Siam Country club, Pattaya.

Inside the house the police found Mr. Mr Pierre Andre, French national, age 56 lying on the sofa in the living room in a semi-conscious state. Beside him a container of insecticide.

Inside the house his wife, his family and neighbours both Thais and foreigners. They were all concerned.The rescue team provided first aid and rushed the Frenchman to the hospital.

Upon questioning his wife who said, they have been together for 20 years. They had quarrelled often because he is a heavy drinker. His wife had been upset for a long time. This time she told him to quit drinking for good and told him off.

Mr. Andre who was drunk as usual left his house went to his daughter who lives nearby to calm down. But he got more upset.

Then he bought insecticide and drank it in full view of his neighbours. Went into his house and locked the door.

His wife and the relatives we’re called. They opened the door with a spare key and found him lying on the sofa poisoned by weed killer.


‘French Dude’; I tell ya, you can’t make this shit up.



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