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Pattaya – Snatch & Grab Thief On A Bike Steals A French Tourist’s Necklace

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Mr.Marc  Didier Dormet,  a 25-years-old (25, yeah right!) Frenchman with his Thai wife notified the police that while he was riding  his motorbike and his wife sitting behind, into Soi Buakhao in Middle Pattaya on they way home from a pub in Walking street.  When they reached Pattaya Public Health building suddendly a man wearing a green motorbike taxi west #  8 rode his bike  beside the couple and snatched the golden necklace off his wife’s neck.

The necklace a his wedding gift, weight about one THB. The thief escaped quickly. The Frenchman and his wife were shocked and cried for help. The bystanders tried to assist and rode after the thief but could not catch him.

Mr. Marc DIdier Dormet’s wife said that she could remember the suspects’ face if she saw him again. She said she had never thought a motorbike rider could do this and the necklace was a wedding gift. She had been wearing it for more than 20 years.They begged the police to investigate and follow up this case to catch the thief.

At first the police said the thief was pretending to work as a motor bike taxi rider and when he saw the victim wearing a necklace he decided to snatch it. The police will check the CCTVs footage at the crime scene and and also check all the motor bike taxi riders’ criminal records with Pattaya police.


Help me out here:

A: He’s 25


B. The necklace was a wedding gift, and she’s been wearing it for more than 20 years.


So he was 5-years old when they were married; and she was what, a fetus?



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