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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Phuket – Italian expat caught with ya ice, ya ba, and weed in hotel room


Italian expat Fabio (See Photo) Milan, 35, was caught with crystal methamphetamine, one methamphetamine pill and marijuana in a hotel room in Patong on Monday (February 17) around 5.30pm.

Milan was staying at a hotel on Pisitkoranee Road, Patong, when around SEVEN Kathu police officers raided the place after a tip off.

Inside the hotel room they found a stunned (Stunned, I’d say!) Milan, who was shocked (Shocked, I’d say!) to see the police but didn’t put up a fight. Police found eight bags of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine) weighing a total of 8.52 grams, 6.97 grams of marijuana and one ya ba (methamphetamine) pill.

Kathu Police Captain Sinchai Thawanpiyayo told The Phuket News, “Ya ice is the type of drug that we find is most common in the Patong area. It’s a big problem here. Other types of drugs are not as popular as ya ice.”

Police charged Milan with possession of crystal methamphetamine and marijuana with intent to sell, and possession of ya ba.



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