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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Opium farming on the rise


Via: Chiang Mai Mail

The Royal Thai Army Region 3 has decided to modify plans to destroy opium farms after having discovered a large rise illegal farming on the ridge borders recently with plantations AS LARGE as 20 ACRES being found, the largest found in OVER 20 YEARS.

Maj. Gen. Phansak Jandong, deputy commander of Special Task Force, National Command Center for Drugs (NCCD), Region 3, they had organized a meeting regarding the Destruction of Addictive Plants project by Region 3 with 4 agencies and 2 agencies to make plans to exterminate opium plantations for 2013 to integrate cooperative work leading to the highest potential operation.

The Deputy commander of the Special Task Force added that the Special Task Force of NCCD Region 3 with Chiang Mai, Survey and Monitoring of Drug Crops, and Pha Muang Task Force had inspected the borders of Doi Angkhang, in Nongbua sub district at the connecting route to Chaiprakan district and Fang district, where officers found many illegal opium plantations on hills, some plantations were as large as 20 acres, a sight not seen for over 2 decades. Since the area is at quite a high altitude and has the right weather conditions it is ideal for growing opium and high opium prices have jumped making it an attractive prospect for local farmers.

In the past three months the Special Task Force found 1,839 plots over 1,102.01 acres, of which they had 100% success in eradicating 1,829 plots and 1,159.01 acres.



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