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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Aussie Drugged and Robbed by Lady boys


At 23.00 pm. 57 Mr Deniet Francis David 46 years old from Australia notified Pol.Lt.Col.Chaliao Boonkhum the investigation inspector of Pattaya police station- that he had been drugged and all his belongings which valued about 100,000 baht ($3,058 USD)had been stolen by a gang of lady boys.

Mr Deniet Francis David told the police that on May 28, at 06.30 am he was walking along Pattaya beach near the beginning of Soi 4 where he met a gang of lady boys.

The lady boys tried to befriend him and one of them gave him a drink which caused him to fall unconsciousness.

He then told police that he woke up in the Pattaya Memorial Hospital and his 4 baht gold necklace, 500 dollars, a mac book, headphone with music player and 1 data recorder which all valued about 100,000 baht were missing.

Upon questioning him the police recorded the incident and ordered a patrol and investigating team to the scene to hunt for the thieving lady boy gang (yeah right, that’ll happen!).


You’d think after all these years, the chuckleheads would begin to learn.

Guess not, huh?






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