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Thailand – Angry AUSTRALIAN Sets 3 Motorbikes On Fire

Via: Pattaya Daily News


At 12.45 p.m. Pol. Capt. Banjerd Krajangsaeng (Investigation officer of Koh Chang police station, Trad province) was notified that there was a crazed foreign tourist (aren’t we all?) walking around carrying a knife waving it at other tourists in front of Chai Car Rental shop, Baan Kai Bae, Moo 4 Tambon Koh Chang, Amphur Koh Chang, Trad province, so he rushed to inspect with the police team together with Pol. Col. Phaithoon Sawaengsak (Deputy Superintendent, acted for the superintendent of Koh Chang police station), Pol. Lt. Chawin Matthayamanan (Inspector of Koh Chang police station), the volunteers of Boon Chuay Luea Rescue Association of Trad province and some tourism police.

At the incident the officers found a crazed foreign tourist who was carrying a fruit knife approximately 8 inches in length in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand. He was walking around waving the knife and the hammer on the road amongst the tourists who were running away chaotically. The crazed man was bleeding from his head. The police tried to talk with him for more than 1 hour in order to calm him down and to put the weapon on the ground but they failed, therefore the police decided to charge him until they could detain him finally.

From investigating Mr. Narong Borploy, aged 55, who is the person who owns the rental motorbike, said that this foreign tourist was a Mr. Kent Wesley Farrar, aged 47, Australian nationality, that he had rented a motorbike for over 1 week and had returned it today but when he arrived at the shop he complained that the motorbike consumed too much petrol so Mr. Narong explained that if he wanted to continue renting, he could change the motorbike for him but Mr. Kent asked for some rental fee back so they quarrelled and ended up fighting which ended up in the foreign tourist sustaining a wound to head. He then poured benzine on the motorbike and set fire to it causing fire damage to 2 other motorbikes. The initial approximated damage was around 100,000 THB ($3,125 USD).

Initially, the police charged Mr. Kent Wesley Farrar with the allegation of intending to commit arson to other people ‘s property and sent him to be prosecuted further according to the Thai law.



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