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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok – US Embassy advises citizens to stockpile: cash, food and medicine

A Thai fashion college student conducts a photo shoot with soldiers keeping guard near the Government House in Bangkok

As political tensions are set to reach breaking point in Bangkok this coming week, the US Embassy is now advising American nationals in the capital to make sure they stock up on some much needed essentials, including cash, food, ‘dates’ (See photo), and medicine.

“We advise you to plan ahead. It is prudent to ensure you have a week’s supply of cash, keep your mobile communications devices charged, and stock a two week supply of essential items such as food, water, and medicine.”

Below is the official release in full from the US Embassy in Bangkok dated January 10, 2014.


NOTE: Protests are expected to occur elsewhere in Thailand, including near Chiang Mai University scheduled for Sunday afternoon, January 12.



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