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Thailand – Celebrates 76th aniversary of ‘Submarine Day’


Via: NNT

The Royal Thai Navy has celebrated the 76th anniversary of Submarine Day, saying that submarines are vital to the country’s strong military foundation.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy Adm. Narong Pipatanasai, during the celebration of Submarine Day, said the navy has to have submarines in order to defend the country against a threat, especially in closed sea areas. If those areas are invaded, the country’s water transport will be cut off completely. (possibly land-locked Laos?)

Although submarines are considered important weapons, the Thai Navy does NOT have one in possession. However, groups of marines have been sent to foreign countries like South Korea, Germany, and Spain, to learn about submarines.

Adm. Narong has, however, assured that despite the fact that Thailand does not have a submarine, the Thai Navy has already prepared armaments in case of emergency. In addition, Thai marines have undergone heavy training and drills in order for them to be well prepared to fight off submarine threats.

The best strategy to fight against a submarine is to use a submarine, said the Admiral, while affirming that the procurement of armaments will be conducted based on transparency and the rule of law, not a decision to be made by any single individual.

NOTE: Thailand also does NOT have an ‘International Space Station’ – but next year, ‘ Thailand – International Space Station Day’ – DAMN RIGHT!



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