living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Viangbua Mansion – CHEAP EATS!


The meals, regardless of whether it’s breakfast or lunch, are uniformly inexpensive.

However, my current favorite is the ‘Omelette Set’, which includes:

– coffee or tea

– fresh fruit (watermelon and/or pineapple)

– orange juice (NOT orange drink!)

– two pieces of toast

and the,

– omelette (not huge, but big enough, and absoulely filled with ham and vegetables!)



59 baht ($1.82 USD)


$1.82 for Gawd Sakes!


Please don’t be a CHEAP CHARLIE – leave a tip for Moi (See Photo), and the other waitress, Ann.

khup khun krup


‘Chiang Mai – Viangbua Mansion – Review’



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  1. Great Article!

    Comment by Shariful | April 8, 2014 | Reply

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