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Thailand – Graduating High School Seniors Fail in 7 out of 8 Subjects

Via: Coconuts Bangkok

The results of the last round of nationwide, standardized tests are in, and they don’t look good.

High school seniors, on average, failed EVERY SUBJECT but health ed on the ONET exams, according to results released this morning by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service.

Average scores for 413,000 Mathayom 6 students tested nationwide were under 50 percent, with mathematics and English remaining students’ least favorite subjects with average scores of 20.48 and 25.35, respectively.

Scores for Thai (49.26 percent) and vocational education (49.98 percent) nearly achieved an average passing rate.

The students’ did best in health ed, with a 62.03 percent average score, Morning News reported.

ONET scores for the high school graduates factor heavily into the university admissions process.


‘Health Education’?

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper without reading an article that ‘Thai teenage pregnancy’ is at record levels.




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