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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Cat smuggler apprehended on border with Laos


Via: Coconuts Bangkok

Sure, this took place outside of Bangkok, but it exists precisely at that intersection of “gross” and “weird” wherein our attention perpetually resides.

The National News Bureau of Thailand reports that law enforcement officials have apprehended a “transnational” cat smuggler on the border between Thailand and Laos. This miscreant was caught transporting 90 cats into Laos, which he had stuffed into a scant six cages for the duration of the trip.

Though the cross-border trade in stray dogs has long formed a point of contention between Thailand and the world at large, this traffic in edible cats marks a somewhat fresher foray.

The driver, a Buriram native named Sodsai Amhawa, confessed to running regular shipments of cats across the border into Laos, from which location they were then smuggled in Vietnam, where they met their fate as “exotic dishes.”

Sodsai reported that he had received THB2,000 to THB3,000 ($67 to $1oo USD – and inexpensive, too!)   for each shipment of cats.:


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