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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – ‘O Man’ Tourist Tricked!


At 7 AM Ms. Bunchan Hongphukeaw, 25 years old waitress of a restaurant in Pattaya along with Mr.Ahed Hamdaen aged 33, a tourist from Oman visited the police station and filed a complaint against a transexual or Ladyboy for drugging him and stealing his belongings.

Ms. Bunchan claims that while driving to work on her motorcycle she saw Mr. Ahed Hamdaen in front of Soi Kor Phai, waving his hands asking for help. He tried to explain the situation to her in English which she was able to understand quite a bit. He told her that he met a ladyboy in Walking Street who tricked him into coming to a room, where was drugged and his cash and important documents were stolen. She felt sorry for him and therefore took him for a meal and bought him to the police station. (Good for her!)

The translator at the police station tried to inquire the details from the victim but he did not give any straight answers.

It is unknown as to which hotel he previously stayed in and whether he has any relatives with him or not. Police officials have registered his complaint and reported it to the tourist Department so that further help can be given to this Oman tourist.

my theory:

I believe ladyboys are now ‘stacked up’ outside of customs, just waiting for the Omanis; and the Russians, of course.




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