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Iranian national arrested with ‘ice’ worth $267,000 at Bangkok airport

Via: Pattaya Mail

An Iranian national was detained at  Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport with 2.7 kilogrammes of crystal  methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice,’ worth Bt8 mln (about US$267,000),  senior customs said on Saturday.

Resa Gholami, 36, was arrested at the arrival terminal of the country’s  main international airport, Ekkarat Rattaruj, director of Suvarnabhumi  Airport Processing Customs Bureau, told a press briefing.

Flying from Doha, Qatar to Thailand, the suspect behaved suspiciously while passing through the terminal.

Customs officers asked him to stop for a baggage check and found crystal  meth in plastic bags covered with white cardboard. The package of the  illegal drug was hidden in a specially-made compartment of his rucksack.

According to an initial investigation, the alleged drug smuggler DENIED  that the drugs belonged to him, saying that he was hired for Bt100,000  (over $3,300) to smuggle and deliver the crystal meth in Thailand.


personal thought:

Barely a week goes by without some Iranian ‘chucklehead’ (see photo) being busted at Suvarnabhumi Airport, for bringing in ‘ice’; often more, not less than, $100,000.

I’m begining to believe that crystal methamphetamine might be now be one of Iran’s LEADING EXPORT.


I think the Thai custom officials could end this overnight, if they wanted to; by checking, double-checking, the bags of ALL Iranian passport holders.




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