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Pattaya – Englishman drugged and robbed by female companion he met in South Pattaya

Via: Pattaya One

An English Tourist was reportedly drugged and robbed by a women he had met on Walking Street over the weekend and lost 130,000 Baht ($4,160USD!) in cash.

Mr. Brian George ‘dumb-ass’ Murphy aged 56 reported the crime at Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Monday and explained how he had met the woman, later named as Khun Priyanoot aged 23, on Walking Street and Mr. Murphy invited her to his room at the Chaba Hut Hotel in Soi Beokeow. This occurred in the early hours of Sunday and by the time Mr. Murphy had got back to his room, he was extremely intoxicated according to his statement. He remembers opening his room safe to pay the woman for her time and was then given another drink by the woman.

He felt sleepy and passed-out.

He woke up late on Sunday Night and saw his room safe had been opened and the cash had been stolen. The Hotel did keep a copy of the suspects Thai ID Card which was taken to Police early on Monday by Mr. Murphy who assumes she was able to watch him enter the code to open the safe earlier on Sunday.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Khun Priyanoot who cannot be located at this time. (yeah well, good luck with that)



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