living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Wheelchair Way Construction Completed


Soi Panead chang alley, Pattaya Daily News reporters had inspected a wheelchair way which had just been finished. The wheelchair route is on the left hand side of the road and is about 1 metre in width. Also the road has been raised in certain places where they can cross the road. The one crossing is opposite the North Pattaya junction.

Upon inspecting the wheel chair route which has just been it was still dangerous (yeah, you think?) some areas near construction sites and where people had parked their cars on the route which has caused the wheel chair users to cross the road in very dangerous areas.

Mr.Suppaluk Wongyapeng a 25 year old wheel chair user said he had used the new wheel chair way and had lived in Pattaya for 3 years. Previously wheel chair users had a lot of difficulty moving around the streets because some side streets had a lot of cars and motorbikes parked in them.

HOWEVER, the officers had constructed the new wheelchair way but some people still drove too fast and parked their cars on the wheelchair way.


personal thought:

After nine-years living in Thailand, I am convinced of the following:

1. IF you want to be handicapped, walk on a ‘handicap sidewalk’.

2. IF you want to get your ass run over, ride your wheelchair on the ‘wheelchair way’.







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