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Thailand – Questions remain as Quebec sisters buried

Via: Toronto Sun

As the two Quebec sisters found dead in a hotel room in Thailand were laid to rest on Saturday in their hometown, the cause of their deaths remains a mystery.

Results from the preliminary autopsies conducted in Thailand did not reveal how Audrey, 20, and Noemi Belanger, 25, died.

The autopsy report stated no traces of drugs were found in their bodies.

Quebec’s coroner conducted a second autopsy, results of which are still unknown.

Staff on the Thai resort island of Phi Phi found the women dead in a hotel room two weeks ago. Thai authorities said there were no signs of violence in the room, but they said there was vomit on the floor and other signs the women were poisoned.

Audrey and Noemi’s father, Carl, told QMI Agency earlier in the week that he deplored the way Thai authorities handled the case. He called Thai police work “corrupt” and “rotten.”

Carl Belanger said the investigation took too long and there was little communication between Thai authorities and the family.

“(Thai) authorities said they found their bodies 12 hours after they died,” Carl said. “But according to our calculations, it was 48 hours.”

The Belanger family also told QMI Agency that Quebec coroner Renee Roussel told them the women’s bodies were kept for five days in Thailand under conditions that were “not respectable.”

The family was not able to identify the women’s bodies because they were told the sight of the corpses would be too shocking, Carl said.

The family believes the sisters were accidentally killed by exposure to an INSECTICIDE vapour used to kill bed bugs.


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‘Chiang Mai – Hotel deny using bug kill spray’

Earlier, the findings from an independent investigation were reported on the New Zealand television programme 60 Minutes.

The investigators noted that SEVEN GUESTS who had stayed at the hotel and died later on MIGHT have died because of high levels of pesticide in their hotel rooms.


Investigators found traces of CHLORPYRIFOS on bed linen in one of the hotel rooms.


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Thailand – ‘Cost of Living’

Here in Chiang Mai. Thailand, the Single Room charge at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital is 900 baht per day ($28 USD).


QUESTION: Yeah, but it’s a shitty 3rd world hospital, right?

ANSWER: Actually, it’s a VERY GOOD hospital.


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Pattaya – Women Cheat Canadian Architect

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Pongsawat Wongwan, Pattaya police station was notified about an intoxicated foreigner in the first aid room at the Little Court condominium Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya Moo 9, Banglamung.

At the scene, in the room they found the foreigner named Mr. Alexander ‘dumb-ass’ Allin age 49, occupation architect. Mr. Allin was sitting and waiting for the police. He was dazed. The police also collected a plastic bag containing a clear liquid assuming that it contained the drug that the women allegedly gave to Mr. Allin. The rescue officer wanted to take Mr. Allin to the hospital but he refused to go.

Later, Ms. Somjit Yodprom age 19, from Chumpolburi, Surin province, came to the police station saying that she was Mr. Allin’s girl friend. She said that in the afternoon of December 17, 2011 Mr. Allin left the condominium in Central Pattaya. He told her that he will go to the the beach. He did not return therefore she notified the police. Upon investigation Mr. Allin said, that at the night of December 17, as he was walking on the beach he met two Thai women age approximately 25-35 sitting on the beach.

They told him that they just came from upcountry and had no place to stay, he felt sorry for them and invited them to stay with him at Little Court condominium. Later he lost consciousness. Regarding his missing property, he didn’t know what was gone because he was still dizzy.

Pol. Lt. Col. Pongsawat said that the CCTV footage and the witnesses indicated that Mr. Allin had brought two women to his room at 00:15 hrs. The two women left at 03:00. The condominium staff noticed that Mr. Allin seemed intoxicated so the staff took him to the first aid room on the ground floor and notified the police. The police will further inspect the CCTV footage and the send the plastic bag with clear liquid to be analysed in order to solve the case as soon as possible.


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