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Thailand – Tourists get extended visas

Via: Bangkok Post


The Immigration Bureau has approved a new regulation that allows tourists to extend their stay in the kingdom by a further 30 days, effective from Aug 29.

That will mean holidaymakers from 49 countries who enter Thailand under a 30-day visa exemption can stay for 60 days. Visitors entering on the 60-day tourist visa are still eligible for the extra stay of 30-days as per normal.

The move is designed to boost tourism, said Pol Col Voravat Amornvivat, deputy commander of the bureau’s Investigation Division.

The measure will appeal to foreign travellers who want to prolong their stay in Thailand and visit other Southeast Asian countries, Pol Col Vorarat said. The extension will cost 1,900 baht.

The bureau, however, tightened up visa extension regulations for foreigners who enroll to study Thai in private language schools outside of the official school system, as well as those working in a public charity/non-profit organisation or a foreign chamber of commerce. Those affected will be granted visa extensions of 90 days but for no more than one year.

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