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Thailand – 10 Ways The ‘Military Coup’ Make Thais Happy

Via: City News – Chiang Mai

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Suan Dusit Rajabhat University released survey results on the public’s opinions of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and the topic of happiness. The online survey was conducted on 10th – 14th June with 1,634 participants from around the country.

On 15th June SDRU release their Suan Dusit Poll data concerning the public opinion of the NCPO three weeks after the military junta declared a coup in Thailand. Since then, the country has been run by the armed forces under command and control protocol since 22nd May 2014.


Here are the results of the poll:

10 Ways The NCPO Make Thais Happy

1.     Restoration of peace and order after the political gatherings had stopped: 93% agree

2.    People can go back to work and school since things have returned to normal: 87% agree

3.    Cost of living decreased by postponing fuel price hikes: 85% agree

4.    Rice pledging scheme payments to farmers brings happiness: 84% agree

5.     Stimulating the economy and commercial investment: 80% agree

6.    Crackdown on corruption and enforcement of transparency in government organisations: 77% agree

7.    NCPO’s determination and transparent code of conduct by keeping the public informed with announcements: 73% agree

8.    Public safety improved: 73% agree

9.    Crackdown on criminal activities including drugs and unregistered weapons: 71% agree

10.  Returning happiness to the people with free World Cup broadcasts, free King Naresuan movie tickets and other reconciliation campaigns: 71% agree


Personal Thought:

Excellent news, but for me, not surprising.




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