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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – ‘Holy traffic cones’ become symbol of crisis

Via: AP


Thailand’s political lexicon has a new term: the Holy Traffic Cone.

The term went viral this week after a series of vicious attacks on motorists who moved traffic cones that anti-government protesters had arbitrarily placed near rally sites.

A mix of outrage and creativity sparked political cartoons and online postings, including a widely shared Facebook photograph that shows five men kneeling in prayer with heads bowed to a cone on the street.

The message “Don’t touch the cone!” is circulating online. A cartoon listing objects that cannot be moved in Thailand depicts historical monuments and a traffic cone.

Thai Politictionary, a website of Thai political terms, added the term “Holy Cone” to its site Monday. Definition: “a sacred traffic barrier” deployed by security guards for the protest movement. “Whoever dares to touch, move or destroy the cone may be physically assaulted.”

The orange pylon has come to symbolize the growing sense of hopelessness many Thais feel over the sometimes violent upheaval that has left the country in political disarray with bleak prospects for a resolution anytime soon.


SNAFU – ‘Situation Normal, ALL Fucked Up’!




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