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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – End of the road for visa runs – bye bye!

Via: Coconuts Bangkok


Foreigners who have been exploiting the visa rules are in for a shock. Immigration police have said that people will be allowed to continue to re-enter Thailand on three consecutive “walk-in” visas until August 12. After completing three consecutive stays on visa exemption status, foreigners must obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or consulate to be able to re-enter Thailand.

Any foreigner who completes even one visa run in order to re-enter the country on visa-exemption status is to have his passport stamped “O-I”, to show they had already been “out and in” from/to Thailand.

Any foreigner attempting to re-enter Thailand after August 12 with a passport stamped “O-I” is to be refused re-entry.

Only in special cases will people be permitted to re-enter Thailand on consecutive trips on visa-exemption status, according to the Phuket Gazette.

The clampdown does not affect holders of non-immigrant visas or holders of tourist visas who still have remaining entries permitted on their legal visas.

It will be enforced at land borders and airports.







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