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almost SHOCKING NEWS! – Norwegian threatens to electrocute himself


Police were called to a Restaurant and Guest House on Dongtan Beach, 100 meters from the Dongtan Police Station on Jomtien Beach, on Monday Night, to assist a Norwegian who was threatening to throw himself onto a transformer.

Pattaya Tourist Police Foreign Assistants were called in to negotiate with the Norwegian, Mr. Per StÅle Lund aged 37, who was standing on a 2nd floor flat roof at the location and was threatening to jump onto a transformer.

According to Khun Aton aged 33, the restaurant manager, Mr. Lund had earlier dined with his girlfriend and her friend. A heated argument took place and the two women left, leaving Mr. Lund alone. He ordered a steak and when the meal came he decided to self-harm with the sharp steak knife instead of eating the steak.

Mr. Lund then ran up to the 2nd floor where he remained for 3 hours as Police negotiated with him to come off the roof. The girlfriend and her friend returned back to the restaurant and told Police that the argument was over an ex-girlfriend of Mr. Lund who had returned to Pattaya to work. The current girlfriend assumed that Mr. Lund would return to her and an argument occurred because of this.

After 3 hours Mr. Lund decided to jump off the roof but sustained minor injuries as preparations had already been made below the roof if he decided to jump.

Police revealed to us that on 4th May Mr. Lund had been involved in a drunken altercation  (drunken, really?) at a Beer Bar in Jomtien and had been locked-up for a time so he could sober-up.

He was released on Monday afternoon. Mr. Lund was taken to Hospital as a precaution and Police will follow-up the case in due course.




I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again:

‘Sooner, or later’, ALL the Crazy People in the World’ will come to Pattaya/Jomtien.

Count on it!





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