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Pattaya – Prostitutes and other criminal elements removed from Beach

Via: Pattaya One


In the early hours of Tuesday Pattaya Police conducted a search for prostitutes and other suspected criminal elements on Pattaya Beach.

A total of 50 women and Ladyboy’s were detained and taken to Pattaya Police Station where their details were taken and a criminal history search was made to ensure that none of the detainees were currently wanted in connection with a previous crime.

The Pattaya Police Chief ordered the operation as he is concerned that those who loiter on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of the morning may be planning to commit crimes against Tourists or may be involved in prostitution which can tarnish the image of the City, especially as the ASEAN Economic Community, which begins in 2015, will open up Thailand and Pattaya to the rest of the region.

Local government officials are concerned that Pattaya will only be known for its sex industry and crime. (too late!)

In a move which is unlikely to deter those detained from returning to their original activities (really?), each person was fined 100 Baht ($3.08 USD) and sent on their way.


personal thought:

Until the Thai authorities stop playing these stupid games, they will remain the ‘laughing stock’ of Asia.

Q: But can they stop?

A: Oh, hell no!



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