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Bangkok – police stop 100 million Baht ($3.125 USD) fake ATM card fraud

Via: Thai Visa


Bangkok: — Police in the Lumpini district of the city have arrested two Romanian nationals (See Photo) caught in possession of 795 counterfeit ATM cards.

It is believed that the suspects had been under investigation by the police following a spate of money withdrawals using fake ATM cards across inner city Bangkok.

Pol Maj Gen Suebsak Phansura said the men were apprehended after they were seen acting suspiciously in the Kloeng Toey district on Tuesday April 8th. After an initial search on the roadside, one of the individuals was found to be carrying a haul of ATM cards. The pair were then escorted to an address on Sukhumvit Soi 11 where a further search was carried out.

Following both searches, a total of 795 ATM cards and a high-tech mobile data skimmer were seized by detectives.

Further investigation, with additional help from Siam Commercial Bank, found that out of the 795 cards, 364 were blank, while 431 were said to contain transactional data, thought to be embedded from bank accounts hacked in ITALY.

The bank officials estimated that had the pair been able to successfully use all the cards to withdraw the maximum amount from ATM machines, the possible damage could have totalled at more than 100 million Baht.

After being interviewed by police, the pair said they were hired and paid 500 euros each to withdraw money using the fake cards at various locations throughout Bangkok.

After analysing CCTV footage, police believe that the two men, and another man who was later arrested at the address on Sukhumvit Soi 11, had already withdrawn around 1 million Baht using the counterfeit cards.



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