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Bangkok – WW-II bomb goes BOOM!, kills SEVEN!

Via: Coconuts Bangkok


When what seemed a 70-year-old bomb from World War II was dug up by a construction crew, it wasn’t taken for disarming and study. Instead, someone saw a lot of valuable American steel and took it to sell for scrap.

Apparently the bomb was not a dud, as seven people died yesterday when a worker at a Bang Khen district recycling yard cut into the 500-pound bomb with a welding torch.

Nearly 100 homes were damaged and 12 people injured by the blast on Soi Lat Plakalo 72, and now police are charging the yard operator with negligence, Thai PBS reported.

Nothing was said of who made the decision to sell the enormous, antique explosive. (Oh, this will be good!)



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  1. I saw it on the news that was just crazy. and the scary thing is that there thousands of those undetonated bombs all over the world. in Germany they find them very often under cities. imagine living on top of a such a bomb without knowing it.

    Comment by CrazyGuyinThailand | April 3, 2014 | Reply

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