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BREAKING NEWS – Thailand makes ‘water festival’, ‘water free’!

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


In a rather shocking twist, Chiang Mai Municipality announced today that it will follow in Singapore’s footsteps and make this year’s Songkran festivities water-free throughout the city.

“Singapore’s example has shown us the errors of our festival’s ways,” said Municipal spokesperson Tirigit Chalekolaporn. “While we were originally a bit peeved at their plan to copy our water festival, we have now realised that they are right in abstaining from water wastage, and have opted to make splashing water a fineable offence in Chiang Mai during the period of April 11-April 16.”

Indeed, during this period, there will be a 500 baht fine for anyone who splashes water.

In order to more easily enforce the new rules, city officials will begin draining the moat this week, in the hopes to have it completely dry by the time the holiday begins, which they hope will remove the temptation for locals and tourists to splash water.

“We understand that this may come as a shock to many Thai citizens, and perhaps even more so to foreign tourists coming to Thailand – and more specifically Chiang Mai – to participate in our famous Songkran water festival,” said Lanakorn Phumbholum of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). “As such, we will be selling special imported and ozonated water bottles for foreigners only, and closing off a small portion of the moated old city for the usage of these bottles, which can be entered for a fee. This way, we can guard against the disappointment of foreign tourists without tapping into Thailand’s water supply.”

Indeed, the recent dry season has taken quite a toll on Thailand’s water supply, leaving many homes, particularly in the Wat Umong area, without water for weeks. As a result, it has become more difficult for citizens to take the necessary precautions of watering their driveways in order to add moisture to the air during dry season.

“We need to save the water we have for the helicopters which will be flying overhead throughout dry season, releasing artificial rain to make the air more breathable during this time,” added Tirigit. “We no longer want Thai culture to be associated with the frivolous celebration that Songkran has become over the years. We resent Singapore’s suggesting that we do not care about preserving water, and have taken the necessary measures to prove otherwise.”

The municipality did say that the foam party at Tha Pae Road will still happen, which will be a relief to many revellers. “Foam is not water, so it’s okay,” affirmed Jiriporn Titikanaphum of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture.



Message for the Chinese who were hoping to come to Chiang Mai, and recreate the hilarious water festival scene in ‘Lost in Thailand’.

Well, TFB – Too Fuckin’ Bad!




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  1. its 1st april, so beware of being fooled. haha. i think this one is a spoofed article for an april fool joke. it’s an inspired touch to mention that the authorities will drain the moat to stop people using the water. there is another article about doing a naked cycle ride round the moat. that one actually can be real if it were to be in europe, and i was nearly fooled by it. until i realise this is thailand where public nudity is taboo.

    Comment by alifesgayventure | April 1, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, I know it was intended as an April Fools Day joke; however, I’m hoping some Chinese will not know it’s a joke. 🙂

      Comment by seattle99 | April 2, 2014 | Reply

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