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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Chinese Tourists (See Photo) Behaviour Upsetting The Local People

Via: Pattaya Daily News


From the popularity of famous Chinese film, Lost in Thailand, lots of  Chinese tourists have descended on  Chiang mai.. However, recently there have been many complaints about the inappropriate behaviour of some groups of Chinese tourists  who visited  Chiang mai university and did not pay respect to the place. They also invaded and damaged government property and trespassed on overnight camping sites  at Ang Kaew, and writing Chinese messages on the concrete floor near Angkaeo. Recently, the University has told all tourists that want to go onto  the campus that they have to show their passport, ID cards, and redeem tickets to the  University for the tidiness .

The total number of complaints  reached 2,220 between  February, 4-10, with 80% of the complaints about Chinese  tourists posing a nuisance to the community , such as making noise, overtaking the cue, pushing other people, smoking in prohibited areas, spitting on the floor, causing disorder by not respecting the rules and regulations of the attractions ,including public Government , even in universities.

On websites  there has been  a lot of criticism of Chinese behaviour such as getting naked and taking a bath in a fountain in front of a famous mall in the central of Chiangmai,

– talking too loud everywhere

– riding motorcycles dangerously

– parking cars anywhere they wanted

– using toilets but not cleaning it afterwards , even in public not just in hotels.


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