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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – the 12th train-derailment in 2013, and they still have 28-days to go!

Via: Bangkok Post


A rail trip by State Railway of Thailand (SRT) governor Prapat Chongsanguan to show off the safety of the reopened northern track, following major repairs after a spate of derailments, instead became a…

The Nakhon Ping express train bound for Chiang Mai jumped off the track shortly after departing Lamphun  station at 9.30am. Mr Prapat and SRT executives were in the last car, the only carriage which derailed.

“The governor and executives took train trips to test the track from Sila At to Chiang Mai from Nov 28 to 30 to ensure the line was safe, before the normal service resumed,” SRT spokeswoman Nuan-anong Wonchang said in a press release.

Mr Prapat had promised to step down if the northern line had an accident after it was repaired and improved. Instead, the governor said after the derailment on Monday that the accident was due to human error and not related to the work done to repair the tracks.

“The problem did not involve the refurbished track. It was due to the Lamphun station master switching the rail track points too soon,” he said.

“The accident could affect travellers’ confidence,”  (Oh NO, do you think!) he admitted, but at least no passengers were injured or died.

As for the Lamphun station master, the governor said he had already been shunted to another position due to his reckless action and violation of SRT regulations.



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