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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Confusion amongst Foreigners as Police Fine Farang Drivers in their Droves

Via: City News – Chiang Mai


Police have been stopped and fined people, on the spot or at the station, for not wearing a helmet; for not having sufficient documents for their vehicle; for driving vehicles with illegal modifications; and it seems now drivers are being fined 500 baht for not having a Thai driving license or an international driving license. The license from your respective country is apparently not sufficient documentation.

A poster on the forum Thaivisa wrote on the recent crackdowns: “I have a full UK license, but until I get my Thai license sorted, unless some cop jumps on my bonnet so I can’t continue driving, then I won’t be stopping for these mother f***ers on Narawat Bridge.”

Another poster wrote: “I’ve been stopped three times in the last week to show my driver’s license. Get used to it.”

We contacted the traffic police this morning and they explained to us that foreigners who don’t have driving licenses can be fined up to 500 baht ($15.62 USD). “If they want to drive, they must apply for a Thai car or motorcycle license,” said the police.

We called the Land and Transport Office and they suggested that foreign drivers apply for a Thai license. They explained that that applicant must take their passport, proof of address, and a medical certificate to the Land Transport Office before 8.50 a.m. and then attend 4 hours of training which will be held in Thai, so they should bring an interpreter. If you pass you must pay 155 baht for a motorcycle license, or 205 baht for a car license.




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