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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Suthep urges people to seize government offices

Via: Thai PBS


Defending his decision urging his protesters to seize the Finance Ministry, Public Relations Department and Budget Bureau, the former Democrat MP explained that  the peaceful seizure of the premises was intended to prevent them from being used by Thaksin regime.

“This is the people’s process, not the Democrats’ process.  We did for the people, not for the Democrat party,” said Suthep, urging government officials to rise up to reject Thaksin regime.

He announced that the protesters wanted to set up a government of the people which will set a new order for the country – one which is truly democratic with the King as the head of state.

He said the protesters would not demand anything from the government “because the government is already null and void because it does not respect the Constitution Court.”

He categorically dismissed the sedition charge that the police would lodge against him saying that the government itself has rejected the Constitution as well as the charter court.


Related story:

’16 countries now warn their citizens on travels to Thailand’

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said today that 16 countries have now warned their people to avoid areas (So far, primarily Bangkok) where protests are being held on their travels to Thailand.

However it said that these countries have not yet told their citizens not to travel to Thailand but just advise them to stay away from the areas where protests are held as there  was possibility that large scale protest could break out.

The 16 countries are United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and Hungary.


personal thought:

Another coup?

Well, maybe.



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