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Pattaya – Ferry Disaster – 6-Dead, OVER 100 MISSING


Via: Pattaya Daily News

At 4.40pm. The large passenger ferry was returning to Cape Bali Hai Port in South Pattaya when it started leaking badly and sank approximately 500-metres of nearby Koh Larn Island There were HUNDREDS of tourists FLOATING in the SEA with a few swimming to the shore by themselves, but fears are held for the large number of injured, who will be difficult to locate during the night.. Rescuers from other boats rushed to assist all the victims, and initially there are more than 10-children and adults dead and around one hundred tourists have been injured. Rescuers from all available units went to assist the victims and waiting for a ship from Sattahip Naval Base to search the sinking ship for the bodies of passengers, but darkness is a big obstacle.

Journalists reported that the police of Pattaya City Police Station, in SE Thailand’s Chonburi Province were notified that there was the sinking of a passenger ferry operating between Pattaya City and Koh Larn that takes tourists on mainly day trips. The name of the ship was “Koh Larn Travel 1”and it had two decks, but the ship leaked and sank in the sea quite a distance off Koh Larn, on its return trip to South It was carrying 150-200 Thai and foreign passengers back to the port in South Pattaya Bay under Bali Hai Cape. Most of the tourists were families that consisted of children and adults, which are Thai, Russian, Korean, Chinese plus many other nationalities, totalling 150-200 people. The ship sank when it was approximately 500-metres off Koh Larn Island and other passengers ship that were nearby assisted in rescuing the tourists that were floating in the sea. They immediately informed the sea rescue organisations in Pattaya City to launch their rescue boats to assist the victims so at this time things were very chaotic.


Thailand – Ferries sink, trains de-rail, planes run off the runway, busses crash – hell, you know what? I think I’ll stay home today.





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