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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – ‘foreigner’ Mountain Bike Bank Robber


Via: Pattaya Daily News

A man used a fake bomb to rob a bank located inside a Big C department store and fled with 23,510THB ($747 USD) on his mountain bike.

At the  scene  police found the bank officers and many people standing outside the bank as the robber had left a brown bag on counter No 3 which he said contained a bomb.  The  police cornered off the area and moved on lookers  a as far away as possible. Police officers then moved in to remove the brown bag to a safe location so they could inspect it. The bag was carefully moved and placed in the car park. Upon opening the the bag officers found a M150 energy drink bottle tied to a paper box using black adhesive tape.

Ms. Arthittaya Phahiran, aged 29, the bank officer that works at counter number 3 confirmed that at 10.30 a.m. a tall man, dressed all in back also wearing a black cap and a hygiene face mask to conceal his face walked up to his counter. He then  handed a note to the bank clerk which read “There is the bomb inside this bag and if you shout, I will press the remote control and it will explode!” with this the bank clerk handed over cash totalling  23,510 THB .The robber then casually put the money into his handbag and calmly walked out .

The police inspected the CCTV in the department store and found that he walked into a toilet on the 2nd floor got changed into some different clothes and rode away on a mountain bike.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Krit said that he commanded the detective police team of Section 5 to join with the local police to follow up to catch the robber.

After inspecting the CCTV footage the police suspected that the robber may be a foreigner because of his large appearance. (yeah, no shit, Sherlock!)



Unless his name is say, D.B. Cooper, he’s going to find himself locked up with these mutts; at the ‘Bangkok Hilton’.



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