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Bangkok – Drunks joyride on train tracks


Via: Coconuts – Bangkok

A drunk man reportedly drove his car for over two kilometers on a rail track in Bangkok’s Bang Kapi district causing delays of almost two hours to train services early Monday.

Traffic radio FM 100 reported that Karakka Rakwongpat, 24, and five of his obliterated compatriots, were first seen in a new Honda CRV on the rail track between Rong Poon intersection to the back of Petcharavej hospital on Phetchaburi Road, where the car had become stuck.

A rescue team with more than 20 men tried to move the car off the track for about two hours, but were unsuccessful. They eventually instructed the still smashed driver go backwards along the rails to the spot where he first entered the tracks.

An utterly plowed Karakka claimed that he had gotten lost and decided to drive on the track believing there would be an exit.

Police said he had a blood alcohol level of 148 milligrams.

Karakka was charged with drunk driving and causing damage to property.

SRT governor Prapas Chongsanguan said the SRT will claim compensation of THB800 per minute for the delay or THB85,600 ($2.761 USD) in total from all of the men.

The number is based on the average fares of the passengers affected by the delay and the damage to almost 400m of rail track, the Bangkok Post reported.




So let’s see if I have this right – 20 men, couldn’t get a shiity little Honda CRV off the tracks.

Were they drunk, too?



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