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Don’t Piss in the Pool, or Pick your Nose: Chinese Ordered to Adhere to the Behaviour Manifesto


Via: City News – Chiang Mai

The Chinese government is cracking down on bad behavior abroad. Deputy Vice Premier Wang Yang announced yesterday that Chinese tourist behavior is affecting the image of China.

The 64 page manifesto published this year on how to act politely the minister said should be read by anyone going abroad.

This booklet offers such advice as:

– do not pick your nose in public

– do not steal safety vests from airplanes

– do not mingle outside public toilets in foreign lands for lengthy amounts of time

– do not urinate in swimming pools (picky, picky, PICKY!)

– do not steal hand towels in Italy as souvenirs to take home

– do not use feet to step on things in Nepal

– do not order pork when in Muslim countries

– do not use the left hand to touch people in India

– do not eat bread with one greedy bite or use loud noises when eating noodles on airplanes.


The to do list includes:

– use the curtains in hotel rooms in order to hide activities in the room

– not to use loud noise on airplanes

– turn off mobile phones until permission is granted on planes

– arrive at least 15 minutes to dining areas and dress politely.


Chinese tourists, according to Matichon Online, has been receiving bad press aboard to the point that one French hotel which will open in 2014, has already announced that they will not accept Chinese guests.

Apparently Chinese tourists to North Korea have also been criticized for their indelicate behaviour such as throwing food at children, not to mention the Egyptian incident of earlier this year.

It will most likely take a while for all tourists to conform to more acceptable tourism norms. (I believe they will NEVER change)

In the latest reported incident in a Hong Kong shopping mall a mother helped her child to urinate in a plastic bag.


personal thought:

I can’t speak for the rest of Thailand, but here in Chiang Mai, the ‘liitle fu*cks’ are EVERYWHERE!



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