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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Scot assaulted by two “Irish” YOB’s on the beach



Just before 3.30am on Thursday, Police and rescue services were called to Pattaya Beach in front of Soi 13/2 to deal with a serious assault on a British national by two men with Irish accents.

Lying on the floor covered in blood and in a semi-conscious state was Mr. Alan Short aged 50 from Scotland. He had sustained facial injuries and had lost a considerable amount of blood from a wound inside his mouth and on his head.

Witnesses described the two assailants to Police who were able to arrest them further up Pattaya Beach Road in front of the Royal Garden Plaza. Both men had Irish accents but refused to confirm if they were British or Irish Nationals and refused to give their names or date of births and were taken to Pattaya Police Station.

Witnesses confirmed that Mr. Short was walking alone when he came into contact with the two suspects who were walking in the opposite direction. The two men became angry and allegedly set-upon Mr. Short until he was unconscious on the ground.


It’s quite easy to tell they feel ‘remorse’ for beating up the old man; two on one, no less.




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