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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Chiang Mai Rail Service CLOSED For Maintenance


Governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Prapat Chongsanguan disclosed that a 300-kilometer rail line from Sila-art station in Uttaradit to Chiang Mai will be closed for repair after a recent derailment in Phrae. He revealed that SINCE the BEGINNING of THIS YEAR, there have been 13 derailments so far.

According to him, the maintenance will cost around 2.8 billion baht ($87,500,000 USD) which will be spent on new sleepers and tracks as well as the replacement of soil with stone under the track along the route.

The governor also expressed his confidence that there would be no more derailments after the maintenance, adding that suspension of the rail service will help speed up the maintenance as the operation is expected to be complete by December 31st.

Let’s see if I have this right.

They say they will repair 300km of rail, by spending $87.5 million USD, in LESS than 4-MONTHS.

HORSE-SHIT! – EVEN ‘they’, can’t spend/waste that much money, in that short of period.

What I believe is a better approach:

Junk the idea of high-speed rail, and instead spend the money on NEW dual track from Bangkok to Chiang Mai which can handle BOTH passenger and frieght.

Yeah, yeah, I KNOW it’s not as glamorous as high-speed rail, but . . .



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