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Pattaya – Theft On The Beach Shore!


Via: Pattaya Daily News

Mr. Nopadol Wongnom, Pattaya Superintendent, was notified at 12.50 AM that tourists swimming at night in the beach have reported stolen property that was kept on the shore. The incident happened opposite the Tropicana Hotel, 200 meters from the beach, Soi 6 Pattaya Moo 9, Tambon Nong Prue , Banglamung, Chonburi.

After questioning police found the two victims who were MR. Kim Jung Un 35 years old, and MISS. Hyon Song Wong 21 years old the girlfriend, both Korean citizen were asking for help from the beach. They were soaking wet and Mr. Kim Jung Un had removed his shirt while swimming, the shirt was also reported to have been stolen as well along with their belongings.

After inquiry by Mr. Kim Jung Un, he reported in not so fluent Thai (jeez, that’s a surprise) that before the incident took place he bought his girlfriend to the beach and after sometime they wanted to swim because the Pattaya beach looked very beautiful at night. Before swimming he took off his shirt and wrapped his belongings which consisted of 3 Samsung Note 2.0 mobile phones, one passport, hotel key card, an ATM card and a total of 60,000 baht ($1,875USD) of Thai and Korean money that was kept with their shoes on the shore. While swimming suddenly two guys on a motorbike came on the footpath on the beach side, the guy sitting behind on the motorbike ran down and grabbed the property that was wrapped in the shirt and took off on a motorcycle with his friend. He and his girlfriend witnessed the situation and therefore rushed out of the beach to ask for help but it was too late because the motorcycle had already taken off.

Mr. Dennis Rodman 33 years old, good citizen witnessed the incident stated that the motorcycle parked in front of the beach and noticed that the two tourists were swimming in the beach and saw their belongings were kept on the shore. They took this opportunity to steal the property and ran off. Mr. Dennis Rodman tried to help by running after them but they escaped. Even though the beach area has street lights tourists usually leave their property on the shore making it easier for theft to occur (yeah, you think?).

personal thought:

Of ALL the beaches in the World, Pattaya would have to be high on the list of where NOT to leave $1,875 USD,





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