living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Homeless foreigners ‘lack assistance’


A GROWING NUMBER of foreign tourists and retirees are becoming homeless in Thailand, and the country should change its mindset to help them – at least with initial assistance – especially with the Asean Economic Community fast approaching, the head of a non-government group working with homeless and displaced people has said.

There are believed to be up to 30 homeless foreigners in Chiang Mai (I’m surprised it’s ONLY thirty), and there have been reported sightings in popular tourist areas like Phuket and Chon Buri, Natee Saravari, secretary-general of the Issarachon Foundation, said.

“They walk or sit in shopping malls during the daytime and scavenge through garbage for food at night,” he said.

In some cases, these foreigners – mostly male Westerners – arrived as tourists or retirees and fell into poverty or neglect after settling down in Thailand, often having being duped or robbed by Thai former wives or partners, Natee explained.

personal thought:

I think some foreigners come to Thailand because they hear it is so cheap to live here. Well, with very little or NO money, it’s NOT that cheap.

And then, when you combine that with inexpensive liquor and methamphetamines. you have a recipe for disater.



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  1. I think that countries of origin of this ex-pats in trouble need to take responsible measures to ensure that wherever their citizen live get the same Human Organization Services INVOLVEMENT by mutual countries agreement of Human Services cooperation ; Countries have records of their people but very conveniently they neglect this issue. Australia give millions of dollars of foreign aid to others countries and is probed that this countries use the money to improve their military facilities, by doing so Australia make a hole on their own backyard of neglect some time denying a simple plain retires pension to overseas Ex-pats. From 196 countries in the world only 29 country had signed exchange of mutual Social Security Services with Australia (Human International Services) NO ASIAN COUNTRIES and only Chile and USA in the whole Latin American continent!!!

    Comment by reedperezoso | August 25, 2013 | Reply

    • I know many Americans living in Thailand collect Social Seurity, and/or disibility payments, and/or pensions.

      However, Medicare is NOT available OUTSIDE the U.S., which means if they get sick, they might not have the money to pay for treatment/meds/etc.

      Comment by seattle99 | August 25, 2013 | Reply

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