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Thailand – ANOTHER Chiang Mai-bound train derails in tunnel


Via: Thai Visa

The train left Bangkok on Friday night with 415 passengers, many of whom were foreign tourists. It derailed at around 3am yesterday in the (over 100-year old) 382-metre-long Khao Pleung tunnel, located between Ban Pang Ton Phueng in Uttaradit and Huai Rai Station in Den Chai, Phrae.

The six carriages ended up leaning against the tunnel wall (hey if you were as old as these Thai carriages, you’d be tired too!); however, its five leading carriages were undamaged and able to resume their journey to Den Chai. The affected passengers were transported by rail trolleys to Sila-at Station, where 15 buses took them to Chiang Mai and other destinations. The derailment caused Bangkok- and Chiang Mai-bound train services to be suspended for hours (hours? yeah right) to allow for track repairs.


personal opinion:

I think the Thai rail system has been very lucky in dodging deaths with all their wreaks. But, ‘one of these days’ . . .





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