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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand -Top 11 Tips for Staying Alive While Holidaying


Via: City News – Chiang Mai

Its holiday time again! All over the world, and especially Europe and North America, tired, stressed and weary workers are gratefully leaving behind their offices, factories and shops and heading out to the beaches and the sun.

And where will millions of them being heading to? Well, Thailand, of course. 22 million tourists made it here last year and no reason to expect any fewer this time.

Holiday-makers don’t spend loads of their hard-earned money on a trip into danger, they want a trip into ‘paradise’. They want to come back business class, not in a body bag. So Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Central African Republic, Mali, can all forget it. No sensible tourists going to these places this summer.

But how dangerous is Thailand? Well, its not without its risks. Don’t come here thinking its all smiles, temples and sun-soaked beaches. There is real danger in Thailand for the innocent, the gullible, and the unwary.


These are my 11 Top Tips for Staying Alive While On Holiday In Thailand:

1. Never, EVER, rent a scooter.

Thailand’s roads are officially now the most deadly in the world (World Health Organization, 2013).

Over 26,000 killed last year; quarter of a million hospitalised. 74% of these deaths were from motor scooter accidents. (AVERAGE 53 per day!)

Some of them young (some of them, OLD) Western backpackers who think its fun to speed along a Thai road on a scooter in your shorts and tshirt and no helmet.


IF you are still alive, read the other 10 tips, HERE:


btw: The helmets they give you with rental bikes are CRAP. If you land on your head, you’ll crack the helmet, along with your skull; like and egg! (SEE PHOTO)



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