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Bus Packed With Tourists Crashes Into Surat Thani Bridge

More than a dozen of foreign tourists were admitted to hospital after their tour bus crashed into a bridge crossing Tapee River in Mueang District, Surat Thani province.

At the scene, police found the bus, registered to A.S.R. Transport Inc., stuck beneath the Tapee River Bridge near the province′s City Pillar Shrine, with HALF of its roof slid off.

The driver fled the scene but was later apprehended by the police.

Anurak told the police that Songserm Rungrueng Tour had hired him to take foreign tourists from Krabi province to Surat Thani province.

Before the incident, he said, he dropped off 17 tourists at Pun-Pin Train Station, and he was bringing the rest of the group – numbering 22 tourists – to a pier where they can catch ferries to Koh Pangan, the island famous for its Full Moon Party.

According to Mr. Anurak, he became unfamiliar with the route as he entered Mueang District, so he asked directions from a local resident, who generously drove a car ahead of the bus to lead him.

Mr. Anurak claimed he did not notice the bridge in front of him, which was only 2.8 metres high above ground, as he was focusing with the leading car. Moments later, his tour bus, height 3.3 metres, crashed squarely into the bridge.

All the tourists were transported to Taksin Hospital. Among them, 10 tourists had SEVERE HEAD INJURIES and needed X-Ray scan, while another 6 were slightly injured with bruises. The rest were unharmed.



‘The undocumented dangers of Thailand’s roads’



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