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Chiang Mai, Thailand

(1 of 2) Thailand – CHEAP but DANGEROUS Travel


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A passenger train in Thailand got derailed in the mountains of northern Thailand early today, slightly injuring at least 30 passengers, mostly foreign tourists.

It was the second derailment on the same route in a month.

The overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai skidded off the tracks flipping seven carriages onto their sides, State Railway of Thailand Governor Prapas Jongsanguan said. The accident occurred in Phrae province.

Railway authorities believe the accident was caused by old tracks that were scheduled for repair.

Prapas said one passenger was seriously injured. The rest suffered minor injuries and were provided free transport to their destinations.




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3. Personally, I’d rather fly, thank you.

Happy flight with AirAsia

‘1 0f 2′ Air Asia – Flight Attendants’



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