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(2 of 2) Thailand – Jet Set monk is ‘defrocked’


Via: Phuket News

The decision was reached in a 40-minute meeting at Wat Pa Sri Samran in Muang district, which is the provincial ecclesiastical office. The meeting of senior monks focused on evidence involving allegations of sexual misconduct by the disgraced former monk.

They based their decision on evidence supplied by the Department of Special Investigation and the Office of Buddhism in Si Sa Ket. All evidence clearly showed his misdeeds, leading to the panel’s decision to disrobe him, said Phra Khru Siriwinaiwat, who chairs a panel probing former Phra Wirapol, better known as Luang Pu Nen Kham Chattiko. The decision took immediate effect, he said.

For weeks the public has been riveted by tales of the former monk’s outrageously lavish lifestyle, private jet travel and shopping sprees said to have included DOZENS of cars.

The former monk faced accusations of fathering an 11-year-old boy and having sexual relations with women while he was in the monkhood.

The ruling in Si Sa Ket was made in absentia as the former monk is believed to be in the United States after leaving France. He ignored orders to return to defend himself as controversies mounted one after another.

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personal thought:

While in the U.S., I suggest he converts, and becomes ‘Xristian -Xrazy tele-evangelist’.

That way he can keep his jet, +20 Benzs, and can continue to lauder money.

Sex with 14-year-olds; hey, no problem.



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