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Thailand – Chinese tourists difficult to deal with? (yeah, no sh*t!)


Via: Bangkok Post

Last year, Thailand received nearly 3 million Chinese tourists. This year, up until May, more than 1.5 million Chinese made a trip to Thailand, constituting the largest number of entries from a single nation – and the number is rising.

Tourists from China spend their income around the world, but can also raise eyebrows over their lack of social etiquette.
Recently, a Chinese woman in Bangkok published an e-book disparaging what she sees as unacceptable behaviour of her fellow countrymen while travelling overseas.

For someone to get up and write a book that calls her own countrymen “pigs”, it shows that her resentment has reached a limit.


The 27-year-old, who’s now studying for an MBA at Assumption University in Bangkok, explored the world before she came to Thailand – and she usually has travelled by herself.

Wei’s book, meanwhile, is written from experience. In 14 scathing chapters, it comprises her own observations as well as anecdotes from a number of people she has met and talked to throughout her extensive travels to more than 40 countries.

Pigs On The Loose sheds a grim light on the behaviour of Chinese tourists in different settings and circumstances, such as in toilets, at hotels and on aeroplanes, and their reactions to local religion and food. Some of the book’s most direct attacks concern food-hoarding antics and ignorant scribbling on ancient relics, but one of the worst is probably the inconsiderate usage of public toilets.


People she talked to, writes Wei Yunmei, have complained about ”extremely loud throat clearing and spitting while standing next to people at a urinal” (And hell, that’s the womens restroom!), and ”loud conversations between two Chinese who are in cubicles that may be next to each other or separated.”


Personal thought:

I have no question, Yunmei’s Pigs On The Loose should win a, Pulitzer.




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  1. so true. are we still catching up for a beer in September. My wife and I are in changmai for 5 nights. Geoff in Australia

    Comment by geoff | June 25, 2013 | Reply

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