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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Historical Tours now Available at 137 Pillars House


photo – Chiang Mai – Chang Puak Gate


Via: Chiang Mai City Life

137 Pillars House is offering a magical experience touring around many of Chiang Mai’s historical buildings. The tours with be led by Professor Julaporn, a well known historian from Chiang Mai University.

You can choose from half day and full day tours. Each tour starts with a sit down and short chat with the professor just so you know a little about the city before you venture out.

Of course a good start is 137 Pillars House itself, one of the most important sites in the city, which dates back to early 1800’s. He will explain something about the relationship between the Borneo Company and Chiang Mai, and how it is interwoven with the building.

You’ll then head to the old commercial areas of the city, learning all the way how Chiang Mai became the north’s largest trading nexus. The tour ends at the Lanna Traditional House Museum, a colonial style house, a Tai Lue House, a Galae Houses, and a rice storage barn.

For prices and rate contact:

Tel: 053 247788



btw: An American friend who was stationed in N.E. Thailand in the 60’s told me, the King paid a visit to the Thai base, in his yellow Rolls Royce.



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