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Chiang Mai – Hospital MURDERS Elder Man After Unknowingly Injecting Wrong Blood Type


Via: Pattaya

Journalist received a complaint from the relatives of 62 year-old Intha, who went to cure his aching back (OH. my aching back!), but after surgery, the hospital have reportedly given him the wrong blood type which made him pass out, shock and die.

Relatives of Mr.Intha revealed that on June 3, he felt a sudden back pain, which made them send him to a local hospital in Chiangmai. Doctor then x-rayed and diagnosed him, it was found that the main cause of his back pain was his herniated disc. The doctor told Mr. Intha’s relatives that he had to have an immediate surgery.

After the surgery, Mr. Intha had to sleep at the hospital to recover. During surgery he lost a lot of blood, but the hospital didn’t have enough blood, which made the nurse add or inject a B blood type to Mr. Intha’s body, but he had the O blood type, which soon after the blood was injected, he passed out. He had to be rushed to a hospital in the urban area of Chiangmai. But he had sadly died at the evening of June 14. Autopsies show that he died from the wrong blood type that injected.

The Public health department of Chiangmai were informed been about the case and have now set a team to investigate. The hospital that treated Mr. Intha admitted that they were responsible for the death of Mr. Intha.

The relatives took his body to do the funeral, and might sue the hospital (yeah, you think?), moreover the public health asked the hospital to explain and report the case on June 17.





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