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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Public warned of Dengue ‘breakbone’ Fever outbreak


Via: Chiang Mai Mail

Chiang Mai is facing a MASSIVE outbreak of Dengue fever, Dr. Surasingh Witsautrat Deputy Director of the Chiang Mai Public Health Office said, with 1,200 patients and 2 deaths already this year.

He noted that 3 years ago there were only 300 cases for the entire year.

Note: And, we are still very early into the rainy season.



2010 – 300 cases

2013 (Jan through May) 1,200 cases


Dengue is endemic in more than 110 countries and infects between 50 to 390 million people worldwide a year. Most people recover without any ongoing problems and the mortality rate is less than 1% for those who seek treatment; it is 1–5% without treatment.

“This year will be tougher than ever,” he said. He said that the Public Health Department has set up a war room to tackle the ballooning situation. “All 25 districts will join in working together to fight the outbreak. It has reached epidemic levels in the province. This year’s outbreak has seen four variants of the disease from two species of mosquito found in Chiang Mai. We will implement a set of measures to control the outbreak,” Dr. Surasingh said.

People are encouraged to remove all possible breeding sites; do not allow standing water around the house, empty potted plants of water. The mosquito bites during the day so people should wear repellent in the day time as well.


personal thought:

1. As mentioned above the Denque carrier mosquitos are primarily ‘daytime fliers’. What it doesn’t mention is they are very tiny, and often you don’t know they are even there.

2. If you go to a local Thai pharmacy, NOT BOOTS or a supermarket chain, you can by repellant, VERY CHEAP.

3. Several years ago, I  had Stain 1, the mild strain. I’m immune from getting Strain 1 again, But I sure in the hell don’t want to get 2, 3, or 4.





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